comparative studies of technoscience

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Comparative Studies of Technoscience

Fall 2012, International Christian University, Tokyo


Instructor 講師

 Gergely MOHACSI(モハーチ ゲルゲイ)

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1 session per week (5-6/T)

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This course will explore the processes of adjusting pieces of scientific knowledge, technological artefacts and their environments to each other. The various ways of knowing our place in the world have been a longstanding concern for anthropologists who have been exploring the cosmological and ritual aspects of human life in faraway places. Interestingly however, such “faraway places” are becoming closer, while what we once thought of as “home” is becoming as exotic as any Amazonian rainforest or Pacific island. As a result, human values are under constant negotiation and reordering through technoscientific intervention on the Internet, in hospitals or the subway system under Tokyo. From the molecular structure of anti-malaria vaccines to satellites that fall from the sky, experiments are not limited to laboratories, but are part of the cultural and political worlds we, humans, inhabit. We will read and discuss case studies from the anthropology of science and technology and key texts of science studies (STS) in order to become familiar with this vast and rapidly expanding subject. Discussions will be organized around three concerns: 1) How do things that people make change the way they think about themselves? 2) Where is—supposedly universal—scientific knowledge situated? 3) What kind of differences emerge in technoscientific practices? Underlying such questions is an attempt to challenge conventional understandings of human variation by exploring and comparing the different ways the world is understood.

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